When I speak about medicine, I do so in the broadest sense of the word. It is said in Ayurveda that a student was challenged to find a substance on earth that could not be used in some medicinal way. His graduating was dependent upon it. He scoured the earth for years only to return empty handed. He opined, “I’ve scoured the earth, and found no substance that couldn’t be used medicinally.”

Milk Thistle

I would say that this “substance” category could be expanded to activities and lifestyles. There are certain instances – certain constitutions – who benefit from a lifestyle that might be toxic to another. Everyone is so unique! What is important is to first know your own constitution – Know Thyself! When you know your constitution, you know what medicines (again: substances, habits, diet, work, social life, etc…) are suitable for you specifically. To define medicine as a substance one ingests is to limit the medicine that is available to us! Social life (intensely important, but also unique to the individual(s)) is medicine. Your daily routine work – maintaining oneself (and family) – is medicine. What you give – your life experience shared with others – is medicine (some say that that particular medicine doesn’t actually work on you until you’ve begun to share it with others… a fascinating thing that I have experienced!).

I do have to say, that the doctor and the medicine are not where the healing comes from. Doctors put things in place so that healing can occur. Sometimes that means ingesting a substance (drug) to facilitate healing. But the healing is done by you from within.

I’ve learned that attitudes, lifestyles, beliefs, thoughts, are all dispensable. People, family, community, environment are all indispensable.

Fulfillment is not something that can be obtained, but rather must be experienced. If you aren’t feeling fulfilled then something in your life is out of balance. This imbalance must be addressed in order to feel fulfilled again. I think it has more to do with how you are giving your life to the world than anything one could obtain. How are you giving your Time to Existence?

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