Four Songs

Image from a Dream

Each of these four songs details a revelatory experience. The central theme that links them all is the realization that we are not separate from the environments in which we find ourselves, but rather that those environments are very much a part of our selves.

I. The Mountain Top (piano version)
II. Winter Sunrise (piano version)
III. Rain on a Pond (piano version)

Resurrection of Icarus

Resurrection of Icarus by Kyle Andrew Szpyrka

Broken by his own ambition, Icarus learns to heal and is redeemed.

This album is a journey from fragmentation to unity. As the album progresses, grief turns to reflection and then to excitement and hope arising out of the realization that a new life is possible.

“Awake, Fragments!
Coalesce a Dream,
Transforming Night
Into Light.”

I. Awake
II. Fragments
III. Coalesce
IV. A Dream
V. Transforming

Piano Sonata

by Kyle Szpyrka
III. Adagio, sostenuto
IV. Allegro con fuoco


by Kyle Szpyrka
I. Adagio, molto espressivo
II. Allegro moderato
III. Impetuoso
IV. Grave, sostenuto

Portraits from Shakespeare’s “Titus Andronicus”

Lavinia by Kyle Szpyrka
I. The Seething Queen and the Roman General
II. Lavinia
III. Chiron and Demetrius
IV. Titus
V. Consumption
VI. Epilogue
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